The Ordinary Boys >cover>TATU, 2004

The Ordinary Boys - All The Things She Said [TATU]

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Anonymous said...

tatu isn't a real band and they didn't write the song.simple minds did.

WinterAcademy said...

ok Mr Anonymous, let's clear things up:

1. This is the wikipedia entry for TATU's song:

Perhaps " 'All the Things She Said' is also a song by Simple Minds from the album Once Upon a Time" is a misleading sentence.. it does not imply that it's the SAME song though!!

2. this is the simple minds classic [and thanks for reminding me, i hadn't had a listen to it for more than 15 years!] i presume you weren't even born when it was released, sadly that is not the case for me..

3. this is the TATU track, maybe not a classic, but still a very good pop song if you ask me..

4. Perhaps you don't like TATU [and what's to like apart from this song? surely not their hideous cover of the Smiths' How Soon Is Now..] but that certainly does not mean that they're not a real band, does it?

5. please, do try and leave a name next time..

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