Soreng Santi >covers> Black Sabbath, 2010

Soreng Santi - Iron Man [Black Sabbath] | zs
In 2010 Finders Keepers' Compacta uncovered this rare recording in a 7'' single. The year of the original release is unknown.

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Anonymous said...

Heard this Tues. afternoon driving through the Hudson Valley on WFMU and was struck by it's unique sound. Heavy (it's "Iron Man" fer crissakes)and exotic at the same time. I love it and love 'FMU too!

Syd Delicious said...

Thanks for this!!!

FYI looks like your competition just did a post on Ironman too:

WinterAcademy said...

thanks syd!
We don't really see [good] blogs like VG as competition though!

Leopold Stotch said...

Neither do we :-)
Nice site btw Winter...

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