The Queen Is 25 Exclusive Tribute Album

Twenty five years ago, The Smiths, arguably the greatest British band of the 1980s, released their masterpiece, The Queen Is Dead.
"Like the Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen, the Smiths' The Queen Is Dead was designed as a state-of-the-nation address. The parallels are many: explicit criticism of the monarchy as a pillar of the existing class system; the toughest hard rock as the most effective method of making your point; lyrics that are a blast of eloquent rage from the standpoint of an outsider – in each case a young man of Irish extraction.When The Queen Is Dead was released in June 1986, Britain was nearing the end of a second term of Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government. The miners were vanquished, the "new right" triumphant. Acid house was still underground, while the Live Aid effect had smeared middle-brow values all over rock music. There was surprisingly little dissidence expressed in popular culture, as the onset of CD software inaugurated a wave of retro marketing."
John Savage, The Guardian, December 15th, 2010

Twenty five years on, this monumental album is the subject of The Queen Is 25, the very first Cover Lovers exclusive tribute compilation, comprising mostly of young, Greek independent artists and bands. Not unlike 80s Britain, Greece goes through the worst economic, political and institutional crisis of the last 60 years. Greece is burning. The Queen Is Dead is, once again, the perfect soundtrack.
Stay tuned at these pages (or @cover_lovers) as we present a brand new cover of a TQID track every day, starting tomorrow. Enjoy.
The Cover Lovers

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