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James Collin - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

James Collin is an American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Chicago, IL. He has officially released three albums: As Luck Would Have It in January, 2006, mot.ion in August, 2010 and L+R-A+D in March, 2011. Two more albums are in the works - move.ment, an EP featuring a full backing band and written as a companion to mot.ion, and a yet to be titled full length featuring collaborations with french singer and lyricist Bruno Gatinet. In addition to albums, Collin often shares singles, demoes and videos through his web site.
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Garden On A Trampoline - The Boy With A Thorn In His Side [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

Through music, solo musician Jim Laczkowski tries to makes sense out of his many paradoxical emotional states by composing under different monikers. He started out as a folk artist, then transitioned into composing scores for movies, but most recently decided to settle comfortably under the name Garden on a Trampoline, which primarily consists of soft-noise ambient or synthpop soundscapes with the occassional Fripp-inspired guitar. Greg Kot of The Chicago Tribune described one of Jim's first records as "Tucked with introspective lyrics and grand washes of shoegazer guitar." Nowadays, he's looking to collaborate with other vocalists and musicians for a brand new full-length record entirely composed on pianos and synthesizers for 2012. This cover of The Smiths was made with a lot of love for the era this song originates from, as well as the recent soundtrack release from the movie Drive.

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