Favorite cover of 2011

Jack White - Love Is Blindness [U2].
When I first heard Jack White's entry for Q Magazine's tribute to U2 "AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered" I immediately thought of this. Holding nothing back, passionate and absolutely brilliant.

Favorite cover of 2011

Friends - My Boo [Ghost Town DJ's] was the flipside to the Friends single I'm His Girl released on October 31st by Lucky Number Music.

Sam Mickens >> White Christmas, 2011

Sam Mickens [The Dead Science] recorded this Christmas EP as a gift for his friend (and new band mate in Xiu Xiu) Zac Pennington [Parenthetical Girls]

Nicholas Krgovich >> Jingle Bells, 2010

Nicholas Krgovich [No Kids, Gigi, P:ano] released this Christmas compilation as Chris Mastheim (get it?) in 2010

The Weeknd >> Michael Jackson, 2011

The Weeknd - D.D. [Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana] | zs
Taken from The Weeknd's latest Echoes of Silence album available at the-weeknd.com.