Birdy >> The XX, 2011

Birdy - Shelter [The XX] | zs
This cover was beautifully remixed by Owsey.
Birdy - Shelter (Owsey Remix) by Owsey

The Drums >> The Sugarcubes, 2011

The Drums - Birthday [The Sugarcubes] | zs
The Drums did this live studio cover yesterday for Sirius XM.

Little Roy >> Nirvana, 2011

The Queen Is 25

"The Queen Is 25" covers project has reached its end. We would like to thank all the artists/bands that participated to the project, as well as all the people who blogged and tweeted about it. A very special thanks is owed to mhulot, all this would have not been possible without the help of the most influential Greek blogger.

You can download the complete album (plus two previously unreleased bonus covers) at these locations:

The Queen Is 25 : Lumiere Brother, Pan Pan >> The Smiths, 2011

Lumiere Brother - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

Lumiere Brother is the founding member of the alternative rock group Serpentine. During autumn of 2007, after the pause of musical activities as a Serpentine member, he recorded 13 new songs, with the productive and imaginary help of Ottomo from Fab Liquid Studios. These 13 songs were the start of a new period of musical creativity, under the cinematic influences of Lumiere Brothers’ films, Tim Burtons tales, the vocal harmonies of Beatles and E.L.O., the adventurous lives of Oscar Wilde and Saint Exypery and the fragile piano sounds of Satie and Debussy.

Pan Pan - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

Pan Pan is 29, was born and lives in Athens, Greece. He draws comics and illustrations for a living and plays music with little keyboards and samplers and stomp pedals that he has collected over the years. He's released the Someday, Maybe I Won't Mind LP and various EPs and OSTs for his comics.
bandcamp | official site

The Queen Is 25 : A Victim Of Society >> The Smiths, 2011

A Victim Of Society - Vicar In A Tutu [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

A Victim Of Society is a lo-fi project based in Athens, Greece. Initialy formed by Vangelis but later on Fotis joined in. Their music has been described as 'to be placed somewhere close to 50s rock 'n' roll heyday with a few subtle cold wave influences mixed with distant and rasping vocals'. They released the self-titled EP in 2011.
bandcamp | soundcloud

The Queen Is 25 : James Collin, Garden On Trampoline >> The Smiths, 2011

James Collin - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

James Collin is an American multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Chicago, IL. He has officially released three albums: As Luck Would Have It in January, 2006, mot.ion in August, 2010 and L+R-A+D in March, 2011. Two more albums are in the works - move.ment, an EP featuring a full backing band and written as a companion to mot.ion, and a yet to be titled full length featuring collaborations with french singer and lyricist Bruno Gatinet. In addition to albums, Collin often shares singles, demoes and videos through his web site.
site | bandcamp

Garden On A Trampoline - The Boy With A Thorn In His Side [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

Through music, solo musician Jim Laczkowski tries to makes sense out of his many paradoxical emotional states by composing under different monikers. He started out as a folk artist, then transitioned into composing scores for movies, but most recently decided to settle comfortably under the name Garden on a Trampoline, which primarily consists of soft-noise ambient or synthpop soundscapes with the occassional Fripp-inspired guitar. Greg Kot of The Chicago Tribune described one of Jim's first records as "Tucked with introspective lyrics and grand washes of shoegazer guitar." Nowadays, he's looking to collaborate with other vocalists and musicians for a brand new full-length record entirely composed on pianos and synthesizers for 2012. This cover of The Smiths was made with a lot of love for the era this song originates from, as well as the recent soundtrack release from the movie Drive.

The Queen Is 25 : Sillyboy >> The Smiths, 2011

Sillyboy - Cemetry Gates [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

Sillyboy took his name from Bowie's Silly boy blue. Having worked for more than ten years supervising and producing music for TV commercial campaigns he always kept an eye on the Greek indie scene playing bass for one of the finest Athenian acts, The Expert Medicine. Back in 2008 he started recording his own ideas under the Sillyboy moniker and in 2010 he released his debut album Played through Just Gazing records. The vinyl limited release of the album combined with some amazing feedback from ground breaking underground djs both in US and Europe helped the label secure a deal with EPM music in terms of global digital distribution.
dailymotion | facebook

The Queen Is 25 : Tyler Holmes >> The Smiths, 2011

The music of Tyler Holmes and company is apocalyptic, hypnotic, violent, and beautiful. Attaching goth-pop sensibilities to an experimental variety of arrangements and styles. From the California Bay Area, Tyler has brought electro-acoustic pop to the Q.P.O.C. scenes of Oakland, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. He is currently releasing a cassette on the English label Radical Ritual Tapes called Horror Vacui as well as preparing material for the return of his band, Oblio, with their new album Iris At Dusk.

The Queen Is 25 : Mech▲nimal >> The Smiths, 2011

Mech▲nimal are Freddie F. on the microphone, ION on synthesizers and electronics and Tassos Nikogiannis on electric guitars & fuzz boxes. This version of The Smiths' 'I Know It's Over' was recorded and produced during summer 2011, before Tassos joined the present scheme of the band and it's more like a visit of memories approach, but still, true to the harmonic spine of the original. Mech▲nimal are currently recording their first album.
site | soundcloud

The Queen Is 25 : My Drunken Haze, Egg Hell >> The Smiths, 2011

My Drunken Haze - Frankly, Mr Shankly [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

My Drunken Haze is a retro dream pop duo from Athens, initially consisting of Spiros (guitars) and Sophie (vocals). By the time we asked them to do the cover, Sophie had left the band, but luckily two weeks later Daphne P. joined. This is their first recording.
facebook | soundcloud

Egg Hell - Frankly, Mr Shankly [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

Egg Hell is the musical project of Jef Maarawi, a singer/songwriter from Athens, Greece. He was born in 1990 in São Paulo and records his music at home. He is influenced by many artists, most of which dead or in their forties. He has released a self-titled EP in 2009, and more recently in 2011, a second EP called Brownie Crumbs.