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Lumiere Brother - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

Lumiere Brother is the founding member of the alternative rock group Serpentine. During autumn of 2007, after the pause of musical activities as a Serpentine member, he recorded 13 new songs, with the productive and imaginary help of Ottomo from Fab Liquid Studios. These 13 songs were the start of a new period of musical creativity, under the cinematic influences of Lumiere Brothers’ films, Tim Burtons tales, the vocal harmonies of Beatles and E.L.O., the adventurous lives of Oscar Wilde and Saint Exypery and the fragile piano sounds of Satie and Debussy.

Pan Pan - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others [The Smiths] | od | bx | zs

Pan Pan is 29, was born and lives in Athens, Greece. He draws comics and illustrations for a living and plays music with little keyboards and samplers and stomp pedals that he has collected over the years. He's released the Someday, Maybe I Won't Mind LP and various EPs and OSTs for his comics.
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