Life by Keith Richards, presentation and live

Life by Keith Richards in Greek (Rodakio publications) will be presented tomorrow night, June 23rd, at 6 d.o.g.s. There will be public readings followed by live perfomances by some of the newest Athens' bands and musicians covering The Rolling Stones and playing some of their own stuff. We will be there.
Performing live:
Daughter. - Play with Fire
I Saw 43 Sunsets - Paint It Black
Keyzer Söze - Brown Sugar
Liarbirds - Dead Flowers & It’s All Over Now
My Drunken Haze - Play With Fire & Citadel
Nefeli Walking Undercover - Angie
Sad Disco - The Last Time
Space Blanket - Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Stella - Wild Horses
Yuri's Accident - Mother’s Little Helper
Zebra Tracks - Under My Thumb

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